MEDTRONIC—BRANDING 2010 PROMO VIDEO (with Delphi Productions) 
This branding video will play at over 100 business events and tradeshows throughout 2010.   
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Production Company:  Group Delphi Productions, Executive Producer: Rick McKee, Director: Ethan Gunning, Producer: Jodie Marko, DP: Lou Weinert, Gaffer: Spensor Commons, Video Engineer: Jim Rolin, Grips: Mark Otewalt & David Mitchell, Media Tech: Eric Quintano, Wardrobe: Leah Gagne, Props/Eggs: Sabina Fowler, Production Coordinator: Miranda Olson,  Motion Design, 2d/3d Animation & Editorial: Elastic Creative, Talent: Athena Galvin, Rick Lasquette, and Spaceman: Ivan Rhudick.                                                                                                           

Potrero Hill, San Francisco, CA

Recent productions...

Production Company:  Group Delphi, Executive Producer: Rick McKee, Writer / Creative Director: Richard Smith, Producer: Jodie Marko, Art Director: Jayson Tang, Flash Programming: Evan Dunn, Testing/set up: Eric Quintana, Associate Producer: Anne Arcelo, Production Coordinator: Miramda Olson.


(with Group Delphi)

An interactive was created to welcome museum visitors (teens) to a new wing on American history and make them part of the exhibit.  The interactive asks visitors to choose action words that can achieve freedom and then the visitor can take their own photo or choose a hero from history.      The photo and words are then displayed on large LCD columns at the entrance.

                                                                       Jodie Marko, is an independent new media-odd media producer working and living in San Francisco.

Originally from Canada, Jodie has a fondness for off the wall media and toads. Producing media for web > media for walls > media for spheres

> interactive media installs > film & video shoots > 3d animation > games > immersive environments > media for museums, & companies.

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PEROT MUSEUM OF NATURE & SCIENCE, Dallas, Texas (with Delphi Productions)

This $185m nature and science museum located in Dallas, Texas was designed by Thomas Mayne of Morphosis Architects and opened in December 2012 to critical acclaim.

“This is not science approached through calm reflection or detached reverence. It is not the science of the traditional natural history museum, with its origins in the 19th century. It is the science of the “science center,” our era’s answer to earlier genres.”  By Edward Rothstein, The New York Times, December 1, 2012.

“You can stand inside a tent made of high-resolution video screens to tour the planets and then walk through a history of cosmology.... You can wear 3-D glasses while looking at a video of a mountainous scene, and glide through it as a virtual bird, by tilting your arms. You can alter the winds blowing across a virtual ocean’s surface or see how volcanoes accumulate along the boundaries of colliding tectonic plates.” 

By Edward Rothstein, The New York Times, Dec. 1, 2012.



This Flash multiplayer video game lets visitors match wits as they pick their own fictional predator or prey species, and then pick from a series of adaptations and launch them into combat to see who will win, the predator or the prey.



This Flash video game predicts future life forms.  The game lets visitors transform the environment, and see how a common species might evolve over time in response. 

The style is fun, cartoonish, and distinctly not scientific.

The story of the Formation of the Universe from the big bang to the creation of planets is told through a video projected on a mirror dome. 

Owen Wilson, a Dallas native, donated his time and voice to this exhibit.  Many of the animations in the video are 3D scientific visualizations gathered from various academic


“SPACEHENGE” aka Journey Through the Solar System                                                See “spacehenge” video  >environments.html

PEROT MUSEUM > Project Highlights



FLY LIKE A BIRDenvironments.html

Group Delphi worked closely with Amaze Design to produce all of the media as well as the fabrication and installation for five exhibit halls covering such topics as space, life, earth, dinosaurs and birds.  It took over two years to produce the 50 media installations which include videos, games, interactive displays and immersive media environments. 

Jodie Marko was the projects’ media executive producer overseeing over 50 media installations and line producer of over a dozen of the projects alongside fellow producers Anna Vavloukis, George Young, and Carole Deutch.  Richard Smith was the creative director and brain behind this museum’s amazing media concepts.  Rick McKee was Group Delphi’s executive producer and Tim Walden, Eric Quintana, Dick Trump provided the a/v technical management. 

Other key production team members were:  > directors/writers:  Brian Leonard, Jason Benlevi, Frances Kruger > 3D animation: Prime Focus, Elastic Creative > interactive programmers: Elastic, Frima, Dylan Champagne, Eric Quintana, Jeff Carpenter, Stefano Corzanno & Tyler  Bryant, Globe 4D > editorial: Ron Colberg, Brian Zalewski, Elastic, Rough House, Eric Quintana, Ryan Shake > graphic/art design: Jason Tang, Tom Hoyt, Elastic Creative > production support and stock image management: Kristy Alexander, Sabina Fowler, Miranda Sequoia > sound designers: Marc Pitman, Leroy Clark/Sirius Sound.




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